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Jason Kim is the owner and founder of Kim's Oriental Clinic – a practice he first started in Korea in 1975. He moved the clinic to Winnipeg in 2005, where he continues to help people effectively manage pain and discomfort. Throughout his over 40 years of experience, Jason has earned several professional designations, including:

  • Traditional Oriental Medicine Specialist (Acupuncture and Oriental Herb Medicine)
  • Pharmacist (South Korea)

He has also researched Western Herb and Nutrition at Brigham Young University (Utah, USA). You can count on Jason and his team at Kim's Oriental Clinic to provide you with an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Accurately Diagnosing Problems to Promote Proper Healing

To ensure effective healing, Kim's Oriental Clinic uses several methods to monitor your progress:

Pulse Detection

By pressing a blood vessel that's located on your wrist, we are able to determine the state of each of your organs. From a Western medicine perspective, it could be meaningless. However, from an Oriental Medicine perspective, this is a very important procedure. This test allows us to grasp whether or not your organs are balanced, allowing us to treat your problems properly. Some Oriental Medicine doctors don't use this because it is difficult, but our experience allows us to perform this important test accurately.

Iris Test

Our eyes are developed from the brain. From the iris, we can figure out the present state, or even the past state, of your organs. By observing the iris, we are able to find out the specific cause of your ailment. This method also helps greatly decrease the chance of making an error in your treatment or diagnosis.

Autonomic Nerve Examination

If necessary, we can apply small electric currents to your body, which allows us to create diagram that measures Electric Potential Difference (voltage). After all the results of the tests are combined, this diagram can be used for highly effective – and precise – treatment.


Other tests we may perform include colour testing or O-Ring testing.

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